Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations (MISTDO) is a basic safety training requirement which must be undertaken by ALL personnel working in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. It is a major component of the Safety Audit Clearance policy launched by the Department to reduce risks and occurrences of accidents in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.

MISTDO seeks to address the high rate of incidents caused by personnel working in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry which have resulted in loss of lives, destruction of infrastructure, downtime in production, loss of revenue and environmental pollution.

The outcome from previous Investigations reveal that poor safety knowledge and culture and a dearth of competent personnel in this sector are major causes of these incidents. Thus, to eliminate or reduce to the barest minimum future occurrences of these incidents, the Department in line with its mandate to enforce policies & programs for the safety of people, the environment and Oil and Gas infrastructure, developed MISTDO.

  1. 1. Enforce safety training requirements in the downstream sector.
  2. 2. Increase awareness in safety and risks associated with operations in the sector.
  3. 3. Improve knowledge and general competence level in the sector.
  4. 4. Standardize basic safety training requirements for personnel across the sector.
  5. 5. Serve as a reference or guide for prospective trainees in basic safety.
  6. 6. Provide a platform to effectively monitor and regulate basic safety training activities in the sector.

  • Click on ‘Trainee Portal’ button on Home page
  • Click on ‘Register’
  • Complete the online form with bio and other required data
  • Complete the registration process with biometrics capturing by going to any of the NMDPRA accredited training centers of your choice listed on the website
  • Go to the NMDPRA Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP) portal
  • Apply for MISTDO Permit listed under the Specialized Category in line with OGISP requirements
  • Upon the receipt of MISTDO OGISP Permit, Click on ‘Training Provider’s Portal’ button on Home page
  • Click on ‘Register’
  • Enter OGISP Permit Number and proceed with the step by step registration.

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Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations

MISTDO applies to operations in the Downstream Sector

All operations personnel working in Downstream Facilities. These include but are not limited to petroleum retail outlets, depots, Jetties, petroleum transport, Lube plants, gas retail and processing plants.

Generally two (2) years, but may vary depending on the course Module.

The Department may request for evidence of training during facility audits/inspections at any time. While working in the facility/plant/location, the trainee should ensure that they always have in their possession their MISTDO card or Number/ID. Failure to provide this could lead to possible sanctions.

Yes! All companies operating in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry require an Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP). However, accreditation for the MISTDO program has been incorporated into the OGISP platform.

Any company that has the requisite infrastructure/competencies and meet all preset requirements by NMDPRA to carry out the training(s) can be a Training Provider.

Minimum age for hazardous work in Nigeria is eighteen (18) years (Source: Labour Act, 2004).

All accredited MISTDO training providers are published on the MISTDO portal. In addition, any prospective trainee or customer may request to view the NMDPRA accreditation permit to confirm its validity.

No. Only the training certificate issued by NMDPRA accredited MISTDO training provider will be recognized. It is the duty of any prospective trainee or customer to undertake MISTDO training at only NMDPRA accredited training centers.

Yes. Appropriate penalties/fines/sanctions in line with the Petroleum Laws and Regulations will be applied to any operator/company that violates the MISTDO program and directives.

An employer (operator/company) is responsible for ensuring compliance with MISTDO requirements by all her employees.

On the home page, click on Trainee Portal and select “Register Now”. You will be asked to provide some personal information. You must have a functional email address before you can register, as a verification email would be sent to successfully complete your application.

Registration on the portal is free. However, registration will only be completed at any NMDPRA accredited training center by enrolling for a module at a fee.

Yes! Registration is just to get on the MISTDO portal. However, you would be able to see various training centers and pick the courses which suit your budget, schedule, location etc.

Training Centers cannot be changed once the course has been paid for. However, trainees may liaise with the trainers and reschedule their trainings to a more convenient time.

Yes! Modules which you apply for will be available on your calendar and ideally will display any overlaps.

Yes. Companies can register single or multiple employees for any MISTDO modules/courses. However, the certificates will be issued to individuals as MISTDO training certificate is personalized.

No. All employers have their various employment requirements. MISTDO training is only a requirement to work in the downstream operations.

Training Centers cannot be changed once training has been paid for. Trainings can only be rescheduled. A full refund of the training fee can only be obtained when the course is cancelled by the training center.

There is a “forgot password” link on the Trainee's Portal Login page

No. A Module must be completed at the training center where it was registered. You can however register to take different modules at different training centers.

Kindly verify your internet connection and your log in details. You may have put in the wrong user name or password.

All Training Centers on the MISTDO platform are already accredited on the OGISP platform. However, each training center has a unique ID Number which can be used for accreditation verification.

Minimum age for hazardous work in Nigeria is eighteen (18) years (Source: Labour Act 2004).

Bio data change/update for trainees can be done at any MISTDO accredited center. It is important to have your unique ID No. for making such changes/updates.

Yes! Each trainee can enroll to more than one module and it is dependent on location, cost and availability. Note - Trainees would not be able to enroll modules simultaneously.

Only advanced courses require prerequisites. Please contact the training provider for more information .

Click Here to view the training Calendar.

Payment of module fees is done at any NMDPRA accredited training center of choice.

Training certificate is issued by training centre where the module was completed.

Training certificate is issued at the completion of every module by the accredited training center.

Training certificate is valid for duration of two (2) years.

Training certificate is reissued once evidence of theft/misplacement is provided and still within its validity.

Training certificate can be renewed by registering for a refresher course on or before the expiry of the present certificate.

Yes, there are fees for training certificate renewal.

Yes, renewal of training certificate is mandatory if the holder must continue work in the Downstream sector of the oil and gas industry

Log on to your online profile and click the ‘Help Support’ tab to make compliant/send to a training centre.

Log on to your online profile and click the ‘Feedback’ tab to provide feedback and other related issues to NMDPRA

Log on to your online profile and click the ‘Feedback’ tab to make complaint/send to NMDPRA.

Training Providers are required to register and apply for MISTDO Permit listed under Specialized Category on the OGISP Portal. If permit is granted, training providers may log on to MISTDO portal with the permit number.

N250, 000:00 for MISTDO Permit (OGISP).

Download the requirements.

Note: Accreditation assessment shall be conducted, and only qualified training centers shall be accredited to offer trainings in line with standardized requirements. Thereafter, the same permitting/accreditation process shall apply annually.

Kindly purchcase a Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Biometric device for the biometric information capture.
Download the biometric app via the link below and follow the installation guide therein.
Click to Download MISTDO Biometric App.

Yes. Accreditation for training providers is valid for one (1) year and a fee is applicable for renewal.


Training providers intending to establish MISTDO Safety Training Centres shall meet the following requirement prior to the application of MISTDO Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP):

1. The training facility shall possess and comply with the following:

  • Be a place considered safe and appropriate, designated for Safety Training and devoid of known hazards and threats e.g. Safe distance from Ignition sources, car parks, residential occupants, etc.
  • Be exclusive in an area that is fully fenced to ensure safety and security of personnel.
  • Have designated areas for hands-on practicals clearly delineated in a secured environment, with controlled access, devoid of any other tenants to protect against hazards from fire drills and other drills which shall be performed.
  • The corporate name under which the training service is offered shall be exclusively for that purpose.
  • Be aesthetically pleasing and accessible.
  • Have necessary safety signages within the facility for information.
  • Availability of conducive offices for staff.
  • The maximum class size per session shall be twenty-four (24) delegates.
  • Classrooms for trainings shall be spacious, furnished with tables and chairs, have adequate ventilation, lighting, audio-visual capabilities and internet access.
  • The sitting arrangement for delegates/participants should be such that the instructors, presentations and demonstrations are visible and audible to all trainees.
  • Have trained first aiders, first aid kit and possess retainership with close-by medical facilities.
  • Have a functional stand-by generator and/or power back-up system.
  • Have at least two convenience (male and female) accessible to trainees within the facility and should be in good condition with steady water supply
  • Possess appropriate security monitoring and surveillance systems such as security personnel, CCTV, etc.
  • Where canteen services are provided, the eatery/canteen shall be clean and pestfree with potable water supply.
  • The Mineral Oils (Safety) Regulations (MOSR) 1997 shall be conspicuously displayed in the facility.
  • Have other equipment that can enhance the conduct of the trainings.

2. Management System Requirements

The Management System shall comply at the minimum with the following:

  • Have a clearly defined organogram
  • Have management commitment to ensure that every participant completes all parts of the training before certificates are issued.
  • Ensure that training instructors/facilitators always maintain decorum, show professionalism, desist from using foul languages or engaging in any form of scuffle with trainees.
  • Have a trainee and staff feedback system. Trainers should educate trainees on the feedback system to NMDPRA domiciled on the MISTDO portal.
  • Have clearly defined emergency procedures and emergency response systems.
  • The use of local dialects for training delivery should be highly encouraged for better understanding of course modules and practical sessions.
  • Have document/data management and control policy
  • Have inspection and maintenance policy/procedure
  • Have procedure for accident reporting and investigation.

3. Other Requirements:
  • There shall be a robust and well-prepared training plan, contents and presentation slides in line with NMDPRA approved modules covering at the minimum, the course outline applicable to the MISTDO course. The course outline which the MISTDO modules should cover is found on Appendix B. Presentation slides should include relevant/appropriate videos/pictures that can enhance learning.
  • Trainers shall develop a standard operating procedures (SOP) and Risk Assessment for practical training sessions/hands-on practical sessions. Documentation of the corresponding mitigation/corrective measures should be made available on demand.
  • The MISTDO course modules and practicals are to be designed for a one-day training session with a minimum duration of at least 5 hours.
  • Training companies shall engage qualified instructors with valid and applicable certificates, (curriculum vitae, copies of certificates). Instructors must also possess adequate/relevant years of experience, etc.
  • There shall always be available major relevant equipment for training.
  • International/National third-party certifications/accreditation of training courses and Centre shall be an added advantage.
  • Administrative computer systems and ICT capabilities (hardware and software) to access MISTDO approved training provider portal, including the capability to register personnel on the MISTDO portal shall be provided.
  • The MISTDO Permits issued to any company are facility specific. Any company planning to have an additional training facility will require fresh application and accreditation.